WOEIP, Youth vs Apocalypse, and NCIO on KPFA’s “Full Circle”

  • Screenshot of the archive page for KPFA's "Full Circle" broadcast of 2020-08-14

Three Oakland activists shared their experiences working for environmental justice, including on the campaign to keep coal out of our city, on KPFA on August 14, 2020. “Full Circle” — hosted by the First Voice Apprenticeship program at KPFA — broadcast an interview conducted by Darlene Pagano with representatives of three local organizations: West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Youth vs. Apocalypse, and No Coal in Oakland. Ms. Margaret Gordon, Isha Tobias Clarke, and Michael Kaufman represented the three organizations, respectively (Ms. Margaret is both a founder and co-director of WOEIP and a member of NCIO’s Coordinating Committee).

Each interviewee described their organization’s history and focus, as well as how they came to the work of Environmental Justice. The interviewer then brought the three organizations’ representatives into conversation about broader and deeper issues in which all are engaged.

The interview is archived on KPFA’s apprenticeship program site, and is titled Environmental Justice Activism in Oakland CA. Have a listen!