The Myth That Coal Will Bring Jobs to Oakland

One of the frequent talking points of coal advocates is that, whatever its adverse impacts on workers, public health, and the climate, coal will bring jobs to the local economy and provide nearby impoverished communities a much-needed lift.  But the Economic Impact Analysis performed in 2012 to promote the plan estimates that the bulk commodities terminal will create only 117 permanent onsite jobs.  Where do the developers come up with their wild suggestions that nearly 12,000 jobs will be lost if the City Council bans coal exports?

The answer is here where we take a close look at the numbers.  As it turns out, a coal terminal may provide far fewer and much dirtier jobs than a multi-commodity terminal based on other products.  Four locals unions of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) have passed resolutions against the coal export plan and have called on the Oakland City Council to pass a ban on coal export.