Settlement framework to scuttle Oakland coal threat announced

  • Young people on steps of City Hall, No Coal rally July 21, 2015

A “settlement framework” has been announced by Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker to resolve ongoing lawsuits filed by and against OBOT leaseholder Phil Tagami and allied parties under terms that are expected to meet No Coal in Oakland’s longstanding, core demand: to keep coal and pet coke out of Oakland

This could be the end of Oakland’s long battle to keep developers from building a coal export terminal on the West Oakland waterfront.

The framework, agreed to by the City of Oakland and West Gateway leaseholders who are parties to two lawsuits filed in California Superior Court, was announced by City Attorney Barbara Parker on February 2, 2022. The linked lawsuits have been scheduled to go to trial in early March, a date that will likely be postponed to allow the parties to hammer out the details of a formal settlement agreement. Once the final agreement is signed, the lawsuits will be dismissed.

Parker’s press release concludes on hopeful note: it asserts that the settlement will “preclude” transfer or handling not only of coal, but also “other commodities that are harmful to City residents.”

No Coal in Oakland eagerly awaits further details of the settlement, including any oversight, operational requirements, lease conditions, and/or future income the City might have conceded in order to reach a settlement. We’re paying close attention, and expect to post a more detailed analysis and statement soon.

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