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District 6    Desley Brooks (

District 7    Larry Reid (

At-Large     Rebecca Kaplan (

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To your faith leader or faith community

The campaign against coal has enjoyed a tremendous outpouring of support from faith leaders and religious groups.

To your doctor

Doctors and other medical professionals have taken a leading role in speaking out against the coal plan.  The Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association (ACCMA), representing 4,200 East Bay physicians, has submitted a letter to the Mayor and City Council expressing concern about the potential negative health and safety impacts of transporting coal through the proposed bulk commodities terminal facility at the former Oakland Army Base. The California Nurses Association has not only expressed support but has rallied other unions in the Bay Area to pass resolutions opposing coal. Dr. Muntu Davis, director of the Alameda County Public Health Department and County Health Officer of Alameda County, testified before the City Council about the gravity of the health problems that transport of coal through Oakland will bring to communities that are already suffering from disproportionate health problems.

If you know doctors who might want to add their voices to this appeal of the medical community against coal, here is a letter to the Mayor and City Council which doctors can sign here.


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