Political Campaign Pledge 2018 Signatories

NCIO is collecting pledges from candidates for political office and incumbents that they will not accept contributions from would-be coal developer Tagami so long as he continues promoting coal. The pledge reads:

I will not accept any support, financial or otherwise, to my campaign or my political fundraising efforts from Phil Tagami until he enters into a legally binding contract not to ship coal through Oakland.

Our goal is to isolate Tagami, preventing him from influencing politicians and pressuring him to change his plans




United States Representative, 13th Congressional District

Barbara Lee (incumbent)
Laura Wells

Oakland Mayor

Cat Brooks
Saied Karamooz
Pamela Price
Libby Schaaf (incumbent)

Oakland City Council

Nikki Fortunato Bas, District 2
Abel Guillen (incumbent), District 2
Kenzie Smith, District 2
Pamela Harris, District 4
Matt Hummel, District 4
Nayeli Maxson, District 4
Sheng Thao, District 4
Desley Brooks (incumbent), District 6
Natasha Middleton, District 6
Marlo Rodriguez, District 6
Loren Taylor, District 6
Mya Whittaker, District 6

Oakland City Auditor

Brenda Roberts

Oakland School Board

Clarissa Doutherd
Gary Yee, District 4

State Assembly District 15

Jovanka Beckles
Buffy Wicks

Berkeley City Council

Rashi Kesarwani, District 1
Margo Schueler, District 1
Igor Tregub, District 1
Ben Gould, District 4
Kate Harrison, District 4
Gregory Magofna, District 4
Rigel Robinson, District 7
Cecilia “Ces” Rosales, District 7
Lori Droste, District 8
Mary Kay Lacey, District 8
Russ Tilleman, District 8
Alfred Twu, District 8

Berkeley City Auditor

Jennifer Wong

Berkeley School Board

Ty Alper
KaDijah Brown
Julie Sinai

Berkeley Rent Board

Soli Alpert
James Chang
Paola Laverde
Maria Poblet
John Selawsky

San Pablo City Council

Rita Xavier

Peralta Board of Trustees

Corean Todd, Area 3
Cindi Reiss, Area 5

AC Transit Board

Dollene C. Jones, At-large seat

Alameda County Assessor

Phong La

State Attorney General

Dave Jones



State Senate

Bill Monning, Senate Majority Leader, 17th Senate District

Alameda County Supervisors

Keith Carson
Wilma Chan

Oakland City Council (incumbents not up for re-election in 2018)

Annie Campbell-Washington, District 4
Noel Gallo, District 5
Dan Kalb, District 1
Rebecca Kaplan, Councilmember At Large

Oakland School Board

Nina Senn, District 4
Rosie Torres, District 5
Shanthi Gonzalez, District 6

El Cerrito Mayor

Gabriel Quinto