NCIO Campaign Report Published, August 2016

  • No Coal in Oakland: A report on the campaign

In August 2016, No Coal in Oakland member Margaret Rossoff, following consultation with several others in the group, completed a report summarizing the NCIO campaign’s origins, strategy, tactics, organization, and key documents.

In the report’s introduction, Rossoff explains:

Many activists have expressed interest in an account of how the No Coal in Oakland campaign was organized.  This article is a response, but is not a history.  It is structured thematically rather than chronologically, and the many amazing activists and organizers are not identified by name.  Some of our initiatives came from organizations and some came from individual activists, but this account does not attempt to credit them, as every idea became a shared project. Unlike just about every document during the campaign, this is not a collectively written piece.  It was significantly improved by careful readings by several people, for which I am very grateful, but I am responsible for all errors and omissions.  I expect—and hope—others will be writing their own accounts from a variety of perspectives.

This 29-page report is available here: No Coal in Oakland: A report on the campaign (PDF, ~1MB).