NCIO at San Francisco’s “March for Science”

  • NCIO's banner among a sea of marchers on Market Street, San Francisco. 22 April 2017.

No Coal in Oakland turned out for San Francisco’s “March for Science” on Saturday April 22, along with tens of thousands of Bay Area residents. Marches were held in 610 cities worldwide, from Washington, DC to Ann Arbor, MI, to San Francisco and many more across the Americas; underwater at the Wake Atoll in Guam; more than a dozen cities in Australia and New Zealand; a respectable scatter across Asia and Africa; and many dozens across the European continent.

At San Francisco’s march, Oakland City Councilman Dan Kalb spoke from the stage at Justin Herman Plaza, noting that science enabled the ban on transport and storage of coal in the city, enacted unanimously by the Council in July 2016 after reviewing reports on public health and safety hazards associated with the proposed coal terminal presented by public health expert Zoë Chafe (PhD, MPH), as well as a report drawing similar conclusions that was presented by an independent Public Health Advisory Panel made up of nine physicians, scientists, and public health experts.

Next week, please join us at the People’s Climate General Assembly at Lake Merritt in Oakland: Saturday April 29, from 11-5 (Event Listing).