Demonstrators Rain on Tagami’s Pro-Coal Parade

  • Families Against Fossil Fuels protest Tagami's lawsuit outside Oakland's Federal Building
Ban Coal in Oakland banner

Three demonstrators carry Ban Coal in Oakland banner

Braving rain,  a spirited group gathered at the Federal Building in Oakland, including half a dozen young children, a dozen high school students, parents, grandparents and community members to protest Phil Tagami’s lawsuit against the City of Oakland.

The first public action against Phil Tagami’s lawsuit was organized by Families Against Fossil Fuels in coordination with the national #DayAgainstDenial.  Throughout the country on January 9, demonstrators called on our representatives to reject the climate deniers Trump has nominated.

In early December, Phil Tagami sued the City of Oakland, seeking to overturn its ban on coal at the marine terminal his company wants to build on city-owned land.  The Oakland demonstration identified this lawsuit with the Trump “agenda of putting fossil fuel profits above the voices of the people and the safety of our kids.”

Demonstrators challenging Phil Tagami's lawsuit against the City of Oakland

Demonstrator protests Trump’s Climate Denier Cabinet

The demonstrators’ No Coal” signs attracted sympathetic honks from passing cars.  The group walked to the Rotunda Building, where Tagami’s office is located, chanting, beating drums, shaking tambourines, and ringing bells.

Several families attempted to meet with Tagami, who was surprisingly unavailable.  The demonstrators paraded through the Rotunda Building to make it clear to him that we are not accepting his lawsuit against the people and the planet.

Umbrella shields against Fossil Fascism

Umbrella shields against Fossil Fascism

This is the first action in the campaign demanding Tagami to drop his lawsuit.  We encourage everyone to call Tagami’s office at (510) 268-8500 and tell him to drop the lawsuit and stand with Oakland against Trump’s agenda.

Updates on future actions will be posted on this site.  Join us in upcoming actions and help us plan our campaign.