Call Your City Council Member

Our City Council voted in July 2016 to ban coal storage and handling within the City limits, effectively preventing the use of the West Gateway waterfront from becoming a giant coal export facility.

During the course of our campaign, many residents of Oakland contacted their City Council representatives to express their concerns about coal.

While we are not urging further action by the City Council at this time, if you have other concerns you would like to share with the City Council, here are their phone numbers.

Find My Council District

District 1    Dan Kalb  (238-7001)

District 2    Abel Guillén (238-7002)

District 3    Lynnette Gibson McElhaney (238-7003)

District 4    Annie Campbell Washington (238-7004)

District 5    Noel Gallo (238-7005)

District 6    Desley Brooks (238-7006)

District 7    Larry Reid (238-7007)

At-Large     Rebecca Kaplan (238-7008)