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Oakland City Council hears from youth opposing coal

Twenty-one young people from Youth Vs. Apocalypse addressed the Oakland City Council with powerful testimony insisting that the elected officials keep coal out of Oakland. 

No Coal in Oakland Issues Open Letter Correcting Developers’ Misleading Narrative

No Coal in Oakland Issues Open Letter to the People of Oakland, California Hedge Fund Operator Sows Disinformation Ahead of Trial That Could End Coal Industry’s Designs on Oakland Waterfront Autumn Wind Lending Conceals Plans for West Oakland While Attacking Oakland’s Leaders for Turning Down Loophole-Laden Settlement Offer   If you read the recent “Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland” from Insight Terminal Solutions (ITS), you were probably mystified. Why would the City reject a settlement offer that provides everything they want? ITS has patched together a misleading narrative intended to pit Oaklanders against elected ...

Research report on coal in Bay Area finds alarming health and Environmental Justice impacts

A full report on scientific research conducted over the course of three years in Richmond, California greatly expands on a peer-reviewed paper about the spread of toxic PM2.5 pollution by coal trains (see New Proof: Coal Trains Spread Toxic PM2.5 Pollution in Richmond, CA for a summary and link to the paper). [The term “PM2.5” refers to particles in the air that are two-and-one-half microns wide or smaller; there are one million microns in a meter; one micron is approximately 1/25,000 of an inch.] The research was funded by a grant from the California Air Resources Board, and was conducted by Drs. Bart Ostro and Nicholas Spada of the UC Davis Air ...