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No Coal Activists Voice Cautious Optimism After Ninth Circuit Hearing

After a packed Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hearing Tuesday, No Coal in Oakland activists are cautiously optimistic that the court will overturn District Court Judge Vince Chhabria’s May 2018 decision concluding that the City of Oakland breached its contract with developers.

So-called “Oakland Protocol”: a coal industry falsehood and farce

On Halloween, the Oakland Post published an alarming article about efforts by longtime coal industry executives to revive plans for a coal terminal in West Oakland. No Coal in Oakland contacted the newspaper’s publisher, and was given an opportunity to respond to misstatements of fact and omissions in the article that appear to be part of a concerted plan to lobby key community leaders to overturn the city’s coal ban, as reported by Darwin BondGraham in a Guardian article just a week before. In the October 31 Post article, Insight Terminal Solutions (ITS), would-be operator of the proposed Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal, touted its plan to ...