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“Ban Coal Now!” Yard Signs: Help Oakland Say No To Coal!

Oakland needs you to put up a "Ban Coal Now!" yard sign. As the City Council's June 27th vote approaches let's show council members, Mayor Schaaf, and our neighbors that 92% opposition to a coal export terminal found by State Senator Loni Hancock in a recent survey was and remains Oakland's final answer. Our communities -- especially in West Oakland -- have suffered too long and too deeply from highly-polluting transportation technology. Coal dust, a product of the dirtiest fossil fuel on Earth, would imperil the health of workers and endanger communities along railroad corridors, on top of needless and devastating contribution to global ...

Oakland doesn’t need an oil train disaster

Oakland's Mayor Schaaf and councilmembers' know how dangerous it would be to permit oil transport through a port surrounded by communities they were elected to protect and serve. NCIO provided them a partial list of tanker car spills and pipeline explosions that have occurred over the past three years.

Jerry Brown Remains Silent on Coal as His Financial Ties to Developer Are Exposed

Jerry Brown has a six-figure investment in Edgewater Park Plaza, an East Oakland office park that is owned and managed by CCIG, the company leading the charge to transport dirty coal through Oakland. Despite his preening declaration that "90% of the coal must stay in the ground" at the Vatican and in Paris last year,  Jerry Brown is a "climate pretender," not the climate hawk he purports to be, say activists from No Coal in Oakland. Despite entreaties from Jesuit priests, health care providers, NCIO supporters,  the San Francisco Chronicle, and other opponents of developer Phil Tagami's scheme to ship millions of tons of coal through Oakland each ...

City Council Sets June 27 Date for Vote on Coal

Above: Artist's rendition of an ordinance regulating coal. On May 3 the Oakland City Council took major steps towards adopting an ordinance relating to the threatened use of the Oakland Bulk and Oversize Terminal (OBOT) for storage and export of coal. The Council unanimously agreed to hold a first vote on a ordinance at a special meeting on Monday, June 27, starting at 5:00.  It will be the only item on the agenda.  Any ordinance must be voted upon at two separate meetings, and holding a first vote in June means the ban on coal sought by No Coal in Oakland could be enacted before the Council’s summer recess. Under City Council's rules ...

Senator Loni Hancock: 92% of constituents oppose Oakland coal-export terminal

California Senator Loni Hancock (District 9) reports that 92% of respondents to her office's survey oppose the proposed coal-export terminal in Oakland.